Award for community service in Manuel Antonio for helping youth and cleaning the beaches

Dante is recognized for his work helping Costa Rican Youth

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The owner of Dante’s Water Sports is very community minded serving on multiple boards to protect the youth, including involvement in the network against child sexual exploitation.  He also is busy organizing volunteers to clean the beaches and forests and he also finds time to work with Organizations like COPAZA to promote the culture of the local people.  Recently he was honored by the local government for his work for …Read More »

We dare you to watch this 3 minute video

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We dare you to watch this video… and not immediately plan a trip to Costa Rica! Costa Rica is Pura Vida, literally translated it means pure life, but it is so much more to us Ticos, it’s a way of life.  It means excellent, life is wonderful, this is life and so much more.  It’s used as a greeting and an invitation to enjoy the beauty that is Costa Rica. …Read More »

Why Costa Rica? It’s the Happiest Country in the World & Full of Wildlife!

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Costa Rica’s has a high quality of life, it’s one of the top 20 richest countries in the world for biodiversity for # of specials, and according to National Geographic is the happiest place on earth.  You can find more than 1000 species in tiny Costa Rica which means that it is possible to find more species in Costa Rica than in much larger countries like Brazil! Top 10 animals …Read More »

Did you know that Costa Rica is home to the biggest oxcart and yoke in the world?

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About halfway between Alajuela and Puntarenas is a quaint little town named Sarchí. Sarchí is known for arts and crafts and souvenirs as well as oxcarts and the traditional designs carved on furniture and on anything that you can paint. Sarchí is coffee country and in order to transport coffee, oxcarts were used, which are decorated vividly with paint. So it’s only fitting that they went for the record. In …Read More »

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Dantes Watersports

Dantes Watersports