All-Inclusive Manuel Antonio One-Pass - Waterfall, Magrove, Kayak, Surfing Combination Tour a Tour in the region of Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Join us for an afternoon of fun activities and nature exploration with our all-inclusive package: The Manuel Antino One-Pass.

This amazing tour begins with the pick-up from your hotel or house in comfortable in the Dante’s Watersports air-conditioned van. We will take you on a tour of the town of Quepos town and its main attractions on our way to the quiet coastal city located south of Manuel Antonio in Matapalo. Along the way we will have spectacular views of the Naranjo river and pass by to see the Savegre river, which is considered one of the cleanest rivers in the country. Once there we’ll start with our activities. 4 different activities available to enjoy as a group, as a couple or separately.

Transportation Anytime: The Dante’s Watersports Van will be available back and forth to pick you up or drop off in the different places where the activities take place.


Surfing, Boogie Boarding, Kayaking, Waterfall Tour, Mangrove Tours, and Sloth Tours.

Places you will visit

Matapalo Beach,  Savegre Rivers, Mangroves and Waterfalls.

Tour Duration: 1pm – 7pm

*A minimum of 6 people per booking is required

One Pass Activities



We will choose the most suitable beach according to the tide.Quepos, Manuel Antonio or Matapalo Beach will be special places to practice surfing.An important characteristic of these beaches is that they have soft sand, making them ideal for surfing.

Sloth Sightings

Mangrove Forest Kayak Tours and Sloth Sightings

On the way to the mangrove we will make a quick stop to have the chance to look for sloths because this area is full of them. We will continue on our journey by kayak through the most beautiful scenery. We will explore this natural treasure and the wildlife until we meet the mouth of the sea which is something magic. From here we’ll continue our journey by land until we meet the sea again and have the option to do an Ocean Kayak or Paddle Boarding tour by the costaline.

Ocean Kayak

Ocean Kayak or Paddleboarding

You will be able to ocean kayak or Sup away from the crowds explore the coastline and its abundance of wildlife beautiful views and making stops along the way for rest, relax fond different hidden beaches not visited which can only be accessed  by kayak



Local Waterfalls

We will also take you to a refreshing waterfalls and whaterhole located  in the mountains where you can cool off and even jump from the rocks into the freshwater (all very local and almost untouched).


Refreshments and Food

In the middle of all the activities we have refreshments available: water, coconut water, coffee and our national beer, we can also stop for a local lunch should you wish to spend time at a local restaurant (lunch not included).

Bonfire, Relaxation and Games - A Perfect Ending

Ending our afternoon, we will have beach games or you can just relax on the beach to wait for the dusk in the light of the bonfire.

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From a Satisfied Adventurer

We had a great time in Arenal zipping through the trees and loved rafting the Savegre, but the highlight of my trip was learning to surf in Manuel Antonio with you guys! The instructors were amazing and I was pretty psyched to not only learn to surf but some tricks too, in just one day!. Thank you Dante! The only bummer was that surfing was the last day of our trip, and I would have liked to surf a few more days! so… I’ll be back!

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