Mangrove Kayaking Adventure

Discover the beauty of Costa Rica in one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the world, the Mangrove Estuary. Join us for a kayak tour and float along the soft currents under a verdant forest canopy teeming with wildlife.

Our journey through this untouched mangrove estuary, located just 25 minutes from Manuel Antonio, begins in a quiet coastal town nearly secluded and unpopulated.  It’s so unique and peaceful, we hope you will delight in the sounds of nature and its pure natural beauty.

We’ll immerse ourselves in the mangrove forest’s natural treasures such as unique landscapes formed by the tangle of mangrove roots and its meandering canals, wildlife including a large number of resident and migratory bird species, blue, green, boat billed, bare-throated tiger and tri-colored herons, osprey, crab hawks, peregrine falcons, mangrove hummingbirds, vultures, pelicans and different mammals such as sloths, raccoons, silky anteaters, white faced and howler monkeys, reptiles, crocodiles, iguanas, mangrove boa, alligators, basilisks, just to name a few!

The tour lasts about 4 hours and includes lunch, transport and certified nature guides.

What exactly ARE mangroves? You might ask!

Mangroves are tropical and subtropical coastal forests, specifically located in the intertidal zone

The word mangrove is a term used to describe both a type of tree or shrub AND a type of ecosystem!

Mangroves are a group of trees and shrubs that live in the coastal intertidal zone and form a filtration buffer between the ocean and inland rivers and streams, known as a mangrove forest! Mangroves protect both the saltwater and the freshwater ecosystems they straddle. The mangroves’ complex root systems filter nitrates and phosphates that rivers and streams carry to the sea. They also keep seawater from encroaching on inland waterways. There are about 80 different species of mangrove trees in the world, and here in the Damas Island Mangrove Estuary we have 5 of them.

Many mangrove species survive in salty conditions by filtering out as much as 90 percent of the salt found in seawater as it enters their roots. Some species excrete salt through glands in their leaves. These leaves, which are covered with dried salt crystals, taste salty if you lick them. All of these trees grow in areas with low-oxygen soil,, where slow-moving waters allow fine sediments to accumulate. Mangrove forests only grow at tropical and subtropical latitudes near the equator because they cannot withstand freezing temperatures.

This delicate wetland ecosystem is a vital home, bio-corridor and migratory destination for countless species. Dripping with diverse fauna and flora each bend holds the potential for observing a plethora of animals in their natural habitat. In the Damas Island our mangroves are home to: 184 species of birds and 109 species of mammals and almost 80 species of fish in the surrounding waters.

Many mangrove forests can be recognized by their dense tangle of prop roots that make the trees appear to be standing on stilts above the water. This tangle of roots allows the trees to handle the daily rise and fall of tides, which means that most mangroves get flooded at least twice per day. The roots also slow the movement of tidal waters, causing sediments to settle out of the water and build up the muddy bottom.

Mangrove forests stabilize the coastline, reducing erosion from storm surges, currents, waves, and tides. The intricate root system of mangroves also makes these forests attractive to fish and other organisms seeking food and shelter from predators.

Sound enticing? Lets explore together!

Tour Includes:    

• Roundtrip transportation, guide, life vest and lunch

• Equipment: Single or double kayak, or it can be combined with paddle board

• Refreshments: water and fresh fruit & Typical Costa Rican Style lunch

• Bilingual (English and Spanish) guide

Pick Up Time:

available in the morning or in the afternoon, tide dependant!


4 hours



What to Bring:

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, towel, water shoes, bug spray, re-usable water bottle, Light change of clothes


$75 per person + tax 

*Private service available for additional $20/pp

*A minimum of 4 people per booking is required

*by Boat same price for this option!

Please contact us to book the tour or use THIS LINK to pay:

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From a Satisfied Adventurer

We spent our first surf day with Dantes and enjoyed every second. They picked us up and dropped us off right at the hotel door, got us standing on the boards right away, supplied snacks and drinks and shaded lounge chairs. The instructors were so attentive and helped us progress at our own rate. We all got our own individual instructor. They also spoke English. I loved the day so much I went back the next day and William helped me graduate to a smaller board. They were very accommodating to your holiday schedule and set a very relaxed pace for the day. If I was staying longer I would definitely go back for more surfing with Dantes and recommend them to everyone.

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