Costa Rica Paddling, Rafting & Surfing Tours FAQ

Will you need to swim during the activities?
No, this is not necessary.

What is the age range for the tours?
The tours are for all ages.

What time do the tours start?
We offer lessons at 7am, 11am, and 3pm. However, you can request a special time.

What does the tour include?
The tour includes water, fruit, chair(s), and transportation.

What should I bring?
Please bring towels and sunscreen.

What if I have an additional person?
The additional person fee is $10.

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From a Satisfied Adventurer

We wanted to learn how to surf and have some fun while in Manuel Antonio. Dante’s was recommended by the hotel and scored high on TripAdvisor so it was an easy choice. They didn’t let us down and gave us a fantastic morning with pretty big waves and super clear instructions. The crew helped us all the way out there in the waves and didn’t settle until the teenagers surfed standing up. As for the 6-year old he was having fun bodysurfing on a boogie board. Next time we’re around we’ll make sure to stop by and develop those skills further. Pura vida

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Dantes Watersports

Dantes Watersports