Did you know that Costa Rica is home to the biggest oxcart and yoke in the world?

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About halfway between Alajuela and Puntarenas is a quaint little town named Sarchí. Sarchí is known for arts and crafts and souvenirs as well as oxcarts and the traditional designs carved on furniture and on anything that you can paint. Sarchí is coffee country and in order to transport coffee, oxcarts were used, which are decorated vividly with paint. So it’s only fitting that they went for the record. In 2006, for the Guinness World Book of records, they constructed this massive 45-foot long oxcart and decorated it Costa Rican style in bright colors. The yoke which was built a year later in 2007, measures a little over 13 feet long.

The oxcart and the yoke are both in Sarchí, a community recognized as the birthplace of Costa Rican arts and crafts and a must-see destination for any tourist who wishes to appreciate the traditional artistry. Sarchí is loved just three hours north of the Manuel Antonio Park in the Alajuela Province.

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