We dare you to watch this 3 minute video

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We dare you to watch this video… and not immediately plan a trip to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is Pura Vida, literally translated it means pure life, but it is so much more to us Ticos, it’s a way of life.  It means excellent, life is wonderful, this is life and so much more.  It’s used as a greeting and an invitation to enjoy the beauty that is Costa Rica.

This video was shot in our hometown of Manuel Antonio and was also shot in La Fortuna, Puerto de Limon, Tortuguero, San Jose, Rincon de L a Vieja, Corcovado, and Uvita.  It showcases our culture, the beaches, majestic volcanoes, the beautiful rainforest and of course the incredible wildlife.

Watch this and be inspired why you should plan your next trip to Costa Rica.

Want to come surf, kayak, explore the mangroves of Damas and see the wildlife? Contact Us, we are happy to help you plan your next trip!

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